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Welcome to the Harris County Clerk's Personal Financial Statement Electronic Filing System.  This online web filing system will allow County Officeholders, Candidates, authorized committee members and other authorized personnel to use an internet browser to file personal financial statements that have been saved to their computer.

Password Required. Before the online electronic personal financial statement filing system can be used, a user must have an User ID and password and an "Authorization Form" on file with the Harris County Clerk's Office. To obtain a User ID, password, and "Authorization Form" a person who is legally responsible for filing reports with the County Clerk's Office must go to the login page  to create a new User Id. password, complete an online information form and print and have notarized a "Authorization Form".  When completed, mail or hand-deliver the "Authorization Form" to the County Clerk's Office to have the User ID approved.  A User id will not be recognized by the online system until it is authorized by the County Clerk's Office.  The hand-delivered form can be returned to 201 Caroline St., 3rd Floor, Houston, TX 77002 or mailing to Harris County Clerk, Attn: Personal Records Department, P.O. Box 1525, Houston,TX 77251-1525.   The "Authorization Form" form is provided in PDF format, Adobe Reader will be needed to be installed on the computer for printing. To create a new User id and password go to the login page and click the Create New User Account" Link.

Instructions for Completing Reports. Download the needed form and save it to your computer.  Enter data into the form and save.  When you are ready to electronically file your form go to the "Personal Financial Statement Electronic Filing System Login Page" and logon using your approved User ID and password.  After successfully logging in you will be redirected to the "Report Upload Page " where you can electronically file forms (Note the maximum allowable file size is 5MB.).
For questions regarding how to use the electronic filing system, please contact the Personal Record department at (713) 274-8600.  For questions regarding how to report campaign finance information, please contact the Texas Ethics commission at 800.325.8506.

For Personal Financial Forms (PFS) and Instructions to comply with the law - Click here. (https://www.ethics.stage.tx.us/forms/pfs/pfsfrm-LOC.php)

Computer Requirements. To use the online filing system, you will need a computer with an internet connection and Adobe Reader installed.

To file campaign contribution and expenditure reports (Campaign Finance Reports) visit the Harris County Elections Department.


Electronic Filing

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